Thai Yoga Massage

& Reflexology

A gift from head to toe.

Both Thai Yoga Massage and Reflexology find their roots in the East. This region has gifted the world with the ability to work the physical as well as the energetic level of the human body, helping us to restore a state of balance.

For who?

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For some reason, certain years can be big turning points in one’s life. For me, this was in 2015 when I felt a push to retrain and invest myself into the arts of Asian care.

I learnt the practice of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage with the renowned Kira Balaskas in London. And from there, I was off on a journey to offer this practice wherever I could. With a history of activism in many social and environmental groups, I brought my skills back to these spaces to support those caught up in “burnout”-type of work and help them to relax and find a state of balance.

With a passion in outdoor adventures, I went on to work in the snowy ski mountains of France and Canada, where I deepened my practice and added that of Swedish massages.

In 2021, after taking some time out to become a mother, I trained with the Devon School of Reflexology and am now offering this practice separately, or in conjunction with, Thai Massage.

I am as much attached to the physical and tactical world of the human body, and its affects on the mind, as to the more subtle energetic level and how we interrelated with and through it.
So when I give you a treatment, my hope is to make it yours and to give you the adapted and full care you deserve.

Love and Justice.


“My massage with Sama felt so personal & adapted to my needs. “

Céline S.

“The morning after your massage, I felt like I was reborn.”

Audrey. R

“Five stars. Would definitely recommend a treatment.”

Harry B.