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Mondays: pay what you want

Do you have financial difficulties or discomforts?

My intent is to practice Thai Massage along its traditional lines and respect the essence of where it comes from. Some adaptations have been made in order to practice it in the western world, however massage was never limited to the financially wealthy. In Thailand, people from different backgrounds will regularly get massaged, and so, along with the technics, I hope to bring this part of Thai massage into my practice too. It is for everyone.

I am aware that I will not create a just and fair world with my little practice that’s floating in the middle of this capitalist system, but if I can at least make my treatments (massage & reflexology) accessible, I will try to start with that.

I propose two options: Mondays Pay-What-You-Want. All you need to do is book your session and then put anything between 0€ and whatever you want/can in an opaque box. This is entirely anonymous. If you are never available on Mondays, get in touch and we can arrange for another day. I have tried out this pay-what-you-want system in many places and each time it works! There are enough people who are able to pay the full price (or more!), which gives the space to others to pay less or nothing. So if you would like to treat yourself without damaging your bank account, I strongly invite you to take part in this system.

The second option is the exchange system. I have often massaged in exchange for other therapies, handmade creations (jewellery, clothes) , a bike, olive oil, a photo shoot, a meal…. I would be glad to open a discussion up around what exchange would work for you as well as for me.

For any other questions on the pay-what-you-want and exchange system, you can get in touch here:

Tel (+33) 6 41 44 65 68
WhatsApp (+44) 796 028 898
Email info@lunamassages.org