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My aim: Make my treatments accessible and comfortable for all, without exception.🌿

This aim is not yet reached and I am open to all advice that would help me get closer to it. Currently, this is what I have in place :

Physical discomforts

– My massage room is located on the 3rd floor and without a lift. If this is tricky for you, I can travel to yours in the Guillestrois region without any additional costs.

– I will always ask if there are areas of your body that you would prefer me not to massage, or to reveal by taking the cover off. The massage being yours, I will entirely adapt to your needs (as long as it respects my limits). And keep in mind that a Thai massage is fully clothed.

– I will not ask any personal questions that are not related to our session.

– All that is said in the treatment room, stays in the treatment room.

– Hairy, overweight, disabled, lgbtqi+…. you are all welcome here.

Financial discomforts | Difficulties