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Thai yoga massage

Here, I welcome you as you are, with your pains, your modesty, your discomforts. No need to take your clothes off, I will give you a full body massage on a futon mattress on the floor and work your whole energy system.

With a pressure that is adapted to your needs, and stretches when necessary, my work intends to releases blocked energy and frees the body’s healing potential, restoring balance and harmony

This type of massage that I practice following the traditional culture of North Thailand, can help relieve chronic and acute, as well as premenstrual tensions and others. It can help release muscular tensioninsomnia problems and can be of great support during pregnancy.

Thanks to the yoga postures that are integrated into the massage, this can increase flexibility and create a physical openness in you while balancing out the energy body.

Regular Rates: 60min – 70€ // 90min – 95€ // 120min – 120€

Young People Rates: 60min – 45€

Accessible Rates – Monday Pay What You Want

Oil Massage

With this treatment, you will be invited to lie down on a massage table and I will use a mixture of organic oils.

The pressure is more or less strong, depending on your preference, and can be especially useful for those who practice a lot of sport and have tight or over-used muscles, as well as for those who are simply looking for a nice relaxing massage.

Alternating effleurage, kneading, friction, pressure and stretching, the accent is put on working each muscular group in depth. Its calming, stimulating and relieving effect is adapted to all types of people.

You will leave feeling lighter and filled with a sensation of peace and serenity.

Regular Rates: 60min – 70€ // 90min – 95€ // 120min – 120€

Young People Rates: 60min – 45€

Accessible Rates – Monday Pay What You Want


With this reflexology session, you will be able to relax back in a reclining chair while I take care of your whole body via your feet, or even your hands!

Your extremities hold a miniature map of all your organs, muscles and glands – these are the reflex points. With a rhythmic pressure on these zones, it is possible to relieve congestion or stagnant energy and restore efficient circulation of both blood and lymphreduce migraines, balance out the hormonal systemunblock sinuses and reinforce the immunity system.

Reflexology is an incredibly powerful tool to promote self-healing and restore HOMEOSTASIS (The body’s natural state of Equilibrium).

It is often recommended to do a few sessions as this will help get to the depth of some problems, but already from the first one you will be able to feel a sensation of lightness and tension and stress release.

Regular Rates: 60min – 55€ // The 6th Session Is Free

Young People Rates: 60min – 45€

Accessible Rates – Monday What What You Want

Atelier: Initiation au massage

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Frequently Askes Questions

Is There A Difference Between Hand And Foot Reflexology?

Yes and No. The mapping out of the organs of the body are the same on the feet and the hands, therefore they can be worked on both extremities. Therefore, if an infection or a fracture impedes the treatment on one of them, it is possible to treat on the other. However, our hands are much more used and worn than our feet (usually always protected in shoes), which make the reflexes less sensitive than on the feet.

Do I Need Many Treatments To Feel The Benefits?

For Thai Massages, treatment activates the body’s own healing potentials. It is therefore suggested to give yourself a few weeks before booking another massage so that this can take place.
For reflexology treatments, this depends on the pathology being treated. Someone may need only one session while someone else may need quite a few. An average usually ranged around 5 or 6.

Does A Thai Yoga Massage Use Oils?

Traditionally the massage will be fully clothed and no oils will be used. However, many practitioners incorporate them and I can do so if required.

Is Thai Yoga Massage Painful?

Not at all. The level of pressure and stretch that is used is adapted to each individual in each session, which means that I will not go further than your limit. However, it is different to certain “relaxing massages” in that you will rarely fall asleep during a treatment as there is a small level of activity required from the client, therefore keeping you awake.

What Shall I Wear For A Treatment?

Anything you are comfortable in.

Where is there a pear on this page?

I found it cute 😉